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lost decade japan wikipedia - the lost decade or the lost 10 years ushinawareta j nen is a period of economic stagnation in japan following the japanese asset price bubble s collapse in late 1991 and early 1992 the term originally referred to the years from 1991 to 2000 but recently the decade from 2001 to 2010 is often included so that the whole period is referred to as the lost score or the lost, japan s policy trap dollars deflation and the crisis of - japan s policy trap dollars deflation and the crisis of japanese finance akio mikuni r taggart murphy on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers until quite recently the japanese inspired a kind of puzzled awe they had pulled themselves together from the ruin of war, the 20 year japanese bear market in real estate is making - dr housing bubble blog focusing on real estate and investing, economy of japan wikipedia - the economic history of japan is one of the most studied economies for its spectacular growth in three different periods first was the foundation of edo in 1603 to whole inland economical developments second was the meiji restoration in 1868 to be the first non european power third was after the defeat of world war ii in 1945 when the island nation rose to become the world s second, pento portfolio strategies llc pentonomics press - mr michael pento serves as the president and founder of pento portfolio strategies he is a well established specialist in the austrian school of economics and a regular guest on cnbc bloomberg fox business news and other national media outlets, tripling down on financial illiteracy with amy adams and - amy adams won t commit to 11 7b but she too has now become the third person to fall down the imaginary fiscal hole how can national claim to have any soundness on finance if they won t admit their criticisms on the economy are unreasonable and unfounded and besides aren t national actually worse fiscal managers if ordinary people tend to get paid less under their regimes, is there too much immigration crooked timber - the economic arguments are just justifications this is about color and race secondly about culture whatever that is separate from color and race, the world factbook central intelligence agency - a nighttime view of tokyo japan from the international space station the heart of the city is brightest with ribbons of lights radiating outward from the center along streets and railways