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about netezza tips tricks and cool sql netezza tips - trying to get a quick answer to a question about cross database joins if i have 2 databases running on same netezza server and am running a join that crosses the databases is this typically any less efficient than if the same exact tables that i am joining were within the same database, netezza tips tricks and cool sql nztips com - the great thing about netezza is it does soft deletes until the groom process runs this means your deleted data is really still there, netezza how to add a column to a table stack overflow - you re quite wrong netezza supports adding columns this is described in your database users guide b 19 section explains the alter table syntax, java cannot load netezza jdbc driver stack overflow - join stack overflow to learn share knowledge and build your career, sqoop user guide v1 4 6 - sqoop is a tool designed to transfer data between hadoop and relational databases or mainframes you can use sqoop to import data from a relational database management system rdbms such as mysql or oracle or a mainframe into the hadoop distributed file system hdfs transform the data in hadoop mapreduce and then export the data back into an rdbms, source databases for the aws schema conversion tool - note aws sct uses the password to connect to your source database only when you create your project or choose the connect to source option in a project where source is your source database to guard against exposing the password for your source database aws sct doesn t store the password, power bi desktop december feature summary microsoft - bookmark cross highlighting we have two exciting updates for our bookmarking preview this month the first of which is the ability to bookmark your cross highlighted state in addition to your filters slicers and other bookmarkable features, database management software tools dbvisualizer - dbvisualizer is a database management and analysis tool for all major databases e g oracle sql server db2 sybase mysql sqlite on windows mac os x linux and unix platforms with customers in 107 countries, case statement for universe object sql server - hello i m having issues creating an object that is built using a case statement i have a metric object amount and a dimension object reportmain header and need to build several objects that reflect the certain values associated with the reportmainheader object, best relational database vendors 2018 it central station - to help you find the best relational databases it central station ranked them based on hundreds of real user reviews from our esteemed community of enterprise technology professionals, odi architecture overview oracle - oracle data integrator 12c architecture overview 3 odi studio navigators are as follows designer defines declarative rules for data transformation and data integrity all project development takes place in this module this is where database and application metadata are, db2 luw database tool for windows macos linux - features dbvisualizer is tested with the major databases and jdbc drivers for databases more commonly used in the industry we have added support for database specific features, sql assistant productivity tools for database developers - the ultimate tool for sql developer productivity sql assistant equips database developers and dbas with the productivity tools they need to speed up the database development process improve code quality and accuracy, sqoop interview questions and answers overview of sqoop - what is sqoop sqoop is an open source hadoop ecosystem that asynchronously imports export data between hadoop and relational databases sqoop provides parallel operation and fault tolerance, tutorial for beginners rokib rahman a cosmic - 2 downloading and installing tableau 9 0 there are several ways to get tableau for desktop anyone can try the software for 14 days for free before buying it, informationweek serving the information needs of the - a look at some of the more interesting investments acquisitions and strategic moves in the security sector over the past year, https assets esri com content dam esrisites media brochures arcgis enterprise functionality matrix pdf - , mongodb 3 4 and multimodel query dbms 2 database - mongodb 3 4 and multimodel query multimodel database management is a hot new concept these days notwithstanding that it s been around since at least the 1990s, goldengate tutorial 2 installation oracle 11g on linux - goldengate tutorial 2 installation oracle 11g on linux oracle, issues addressed in sas 9 3 ts1m0 - 64 bit enabled aix 64 bit enabled hp ux 64 bit enabled solaris hp ux hp ux ipf linux linux for x64 linux on itanium microsoft windows openvms on hp integrity solaris for x64 tru64 unix z os 45266 visual totals might be incorrect when single member on slicer and two hierarchies from the